Dr. Stuart K Watson

Postdoctoral researcher, University of Zürich

Studying humanity’s evolutionary origins through the lens of our animal cousins

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What I Do

A comparative approach to understanding human evolution

What are the secrets of humanity’s success?

Every species is different, but humans stand out as especially unique. Powerful abilities, such as language and complex technology have allowed us to thrive in every habitat, and transformed the world we live in.

How exactly do those abilities differ from animals?

By studying the behaviour of animals, we can find out exactly what it is that sets human behaviour apart from other species, and the ways we are the same.

What do those comparisons tell us about our own history?

This data allows us to shed light on when and why our unique abilities evolved.

For example: Did language build upon abilities that also exist in our ape cousins, or did it arise completely after our lineages diverged?